5 Best Free WordPress Job Board Plugins – 2019

Written by Published September 3, 2019
Ninja Job Board

The WordPress theme is more popular because it has over 50 thousands of free WordPress plugins. These plugins are not only free but also free support form the plugin developers. Today we have analyzed around 60+ free WordPress job board plugins and made a list where you will get 5 best free WordPress Job board plugins. You can take it of them so that reduce your pain on hiring new people, and make an easy recruitment process with a little time invested.

These plugins are well documented and avilable demos.

WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is a modern free WordPress job board plugin and it is really simple to use to set up. This plugin comes with various shortcodes and builds with custom post types, as a result, you can easily make jobs in various formats. This plugin adds search and filter ajax powered job listings so you can sort data based on categories. Candidates are to apply to their jobs using a form and emplouers maange the applications form via dashboard.

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Ninja Job Board – Ultimate WordPress Job Board Plugin

Ninja Job Board

Do you have a small or mideum organizations? Surely you have to recruit new people. Huge time and money are to require the recruitment process. WordPress Job Board Pluging will be reduced both. That’s the name of plugin is “Ninja Job Bord”.

Ninja Job Board is a self-hosted and a lightweight job listing WordPress Job Board Plugin for adding job board to your WordPress site where you can build a questionnaire form by drag and drop form builder.

In individual application view page, you can see the complete submitted data, uploaded applicant cv. You can also change the application status and internal status easily. One of the important feature is, you can add notes to each application.

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Simple Job Board

simple job board

Simple Job Board is a clean, easy, and light weight plugin that adds a job board to your WordPress site. This WordPress Job Board Plugin has various job offers that you can easily manage to your need. You can add multiple job listings and can show them on any page by inserting shortcode.

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WP Job Openings

WP job openings

WP Job Openings is a powerful free WordPress Job Board plugin for setting up a job listing page for a website. This plugin comes with the best features as a result you will get high performing recruitment tool. It includes two different layouts like grid and list which are designed carefully according to the modern design and User Experience principles. Highlight of the plugin is its totally flexible filter options.

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Job Board Manager

Job board manager

Job Board Manager is a clean job board WordPress plugin for allowing to create job board manager website within a few minutes without any hassle setup. This plugin comes with the different shortcode as a result you can easily manage job archive, job submission, account, logged in user job list and more, and it has the variety of action and filter hook to extend functionality as needed. Employers allow to view, edit, mark filled, or delete aplicants resume and well documented.

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Final Choise

All of these plugins are grandiose, user-friendly design, easy to use, plenty of input fields, and well documented. You can anyone take it, and use it for your WordPress Website to make a list form the many applicants.

If I was asked to choose, which plugin is the best? Definitely I would go for the Ninja Job Board plugin. The plugin will provide you the most advanced features along with the generic ones. You can have a huge range of customizability while creating and managing job board, job manager, or job listing on your website.

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