5 Best Contact form 7 plugin addons

WordPress plugin is a program or set of one and easy to use, WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). A CMS is a system used to manage the content of a website. The plugin can be solved a specific problem. It provides an essential function as you need. Contact form 7 is one of the most popular plugins for creating the contact form. Contact form 7 is opensource and has lots of features. Here we are recommending some great contact form 7 add-ons that will extend the functionalities of contact form 7.

Rcwd Upload for Contact Form 7


Rcwd Upload for Contact Form 7 is a multifunctional add-on. This add-on extends the functionality of the popular free WordPress plugin contact form 7. It allows adding new file upload field with a lot of features. You can use a different folder for every location. You can upload in chunks by using the filter it that will let you customize some stuff. It is an automatically updated, and it supports for image preview before uploading. It has an option for rename the file. You can let users upload more to add additional upload fields. It supports drag and drop. Language translation for English and Italian.

Ninja Kick


Ninja Kick is a clean WordPress contact form plugin. It is built your visitors instantly call the contact form without waiting for page loading. This plugin is to easily customize, flexible settings, and it set up different options like the direction of animation, label style. It is a responsive design, looks and works great on the mobile device. There have 3 awesome themes, social bar, Mailchimp integration and extensive customization on design. You can use the simply amazing button to trigger contact form.

Storage for Contact Form 7


Contact form 7 storage plugin can manage contact form 7 data in the database. All form entries and leads will be stored safely even if your e-mail goes down, or e-mail messages go missing or get deleted. All for submission are stored in the WordPress backend in addition to being sent via e-mail. Email delivery never 100% reliable and having a back up to all contact entries will ensure you never miss a lead or inquiry. Export form submission as CSV.

Contact Form 7 Popup Message


Contact Form 7 popup message is a simple multiple WordPress contact form 7 plugin. It is an addon for contact form 7. using this addon you can replace your validation and success messages into beautiful popup message to attract visitors. It will allow you to select between 10 preset themes to instantly change the overall look of your message. It includes the beautiful and stylish theme. This plugin can be used by every person who used contact form 7 in their theme or website.

Google Maps Integration using CONTACT FORM 7


CF7 Google maps are functionally useful to display Google Maps as a field for Contact Form 7. The visitor can mark any number of markers, circle, polygon, polyline or rectangle on google maps and can submit them with contact form 7 so it’s very useful to ask location or area information from the visitor.

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