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9 Simple SEO Strategies to Rule in the SERPs

SEO never gets old. Search engines are getting smarter, so you need to take care of your site with intelligent actions. Having said that there are some techniques to follow for your websites while you’re fixing the SEO. You can even utilize this post as a checklist and see if everything’s working correctly.

Optimize Your Titles

The title is the first noticeable part of your website when users land on to a particular page. That’s why it’s the essential segment among others. Optimizing title in the right way can give you added benefits besides attracting customers.

An enticing title with the proper keywords infused can get positive attention from search engines. Also, adding related terms make the title more powerful to stay atop in SERPs. Users can annul a post even if it’s well-written because of the improperly made title.

Meta Description

Simply put, a meta description is the summary of a page. Whatever you write here will be displayed on the search result. After the title, this is the second most vital part to convince the readers to invite to your page. Your meta description must be concise and engaging. 

Two things make the meta description more powerful. The first one is what you want to tell in your content: the topic, niche, or keyword. Afterward, you are going to give priority is letting people the benefits of the post. Keep in mind that search engines emphasize on meta description while indexing a page.

High-quality Content

There’s no compromise regarding this particular component of a website. Not only people love to read and share compelling contents, but search engines are getting smarter to identify the quality. Besides that, contents should answer to users’ problems. In any way, it should meet their ends.

Informative and concise contents get more response from readers. If your content is unnecessarily long people might get overwhelmed and leave your site immediately. Also, it should explain clearly all the areas around the topic you’re dealing with. Fresh contents get top priority by search engines, and frequent updates make it evergreen.

Mobile-focused Format

Think about millennials. They’re too connected with their phones and try to receive all information from there. Your content should be structured in an organized form so that people can quickly grasp it while they are on the go. What you have to try is to keep the content as short as possible.

Organizing a page or a blog post is equally important because it helps the readers to scan and extract the crucial information. Add more visuals and less text to buttress users to process the content efficiently. Users love the content that loads fast and adapts to the mobile screen smartly.  

Write for Users

Engaging users in this world of stiff competition is the most challenging task, no doubt. While creating content and presenting them, make sure they have enough components to attract users. As I have mentioned earlier, keep more graphics and less text to get better interaction.

Among many factors, page speed is a serious issue because the user’s interest depends on it. If a page takes too much time to load it, the chance of staying there is a little. On the other hand, users love faster page with mobile-ready structure. The greater the mobile experience, the longer people will pass the time on your website.

Linking the Right Way

Linking can take place in two ways while you’re giving. Either you’re linking internally to connect another page of the same site or linking external websites. Both types of linking have various benefits. While the internal linking help users to navigate the site, the external links advocate authority and increase user’s trust.

Similarly, getting links from other websites, especially from authoritative sites, is a vital ranking factor. Besides linking others make sure you’re also receiving the quality links. A good linking neighborhood can protect you from getting a penalty.

AMP Stories

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and is a web component framework to make user-centric websites. Google developed this publishing technology and wished to improve the user experience for all device and formats. However, optimizing AMP can be beneficial for your site as it ensures a clean look on mobile phones.

AMP stories are similar to Facebook and Instagram stories. They are visually engaging with lighter text. Hence, users can easily consume without feeling any boredom. Also, AMP stories improve SEO score because they satisfy readers, and above all, they look great on mobile screens.

Content Promotion

No matter how great your content, if users don’t get to know it, your effort will go in vain. Leverage the power of social media to spread what you have created and engage users from around the world. Again, the guest post is another robust way to connect visitors from around the web. 

A superb way to get more interaction with users is offering a subscription. By subscribing to your blog, they allow you to send updates on your blog. Moreover, you can utilize other techniques, such as advertising, social boost, and YouTube videos. You have to reach your users with freshly built contents.

Local SEO 

Local SEO works when you want to get an impression around your target location. If you sell a service that is bound to a specific region, then you need to promote it around that place. To demonstrate, let’s say you have an online store which delivers fresh groceries in a small county. Yes, local SEO can spread your name to the neighborhood.

You can contact an SEO agency that will make a plan for your organization and assist you in reaching your goal. For instance, a Lansing SEO company can help you get ranked on Lansing and other cities around. By the way, local SEO can happen in a town, a region, a state, and even a country.


If you want to survive, rush now! While you’re not adopting the new strategies, your competitors are staying ahead by implementing them. On the other hand, there’s always room for improvement. If you follow the industry trend, you’ll end up knowing something exciting as well as beneficial. 

About the author:

Sadiq Ahmad is a writer and marketer at WP Manage Ninja. His strong suit is writing SEO-friendly content, planning for digital promotion, and implementing the knowledge he garners every day. Follow him on Twitter.

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